Pink Tax

Pink tax or gender pricing is something we constantly get confronted with in our everyday life, especially when shopping in drugstores.

Gender pricing describes the phenomena that care products for women are set with higher prices than care products for men.

This mostly affects deodorants, razors, shaving foams or fragrances. The ingredients hardly differ from the care products for men and the products are generally not of higher quality either. And yet, women pay more money for these products!

The recurring gender-specific price differences cannot be justified in many cases.

The market is taking advantage of women’s willingness to buy as they invest more money in care and health. Separate shelves or different quantities make it difficult for customers to tell the differences.

The consumer center Hamburg has carried out various studies on the subject and has come to the conclusion that women pay up to 90% more than men for comparable products of the same brand (2016) and that products tailored for women often cost twice as much.

Even at the hairdresser’s it happens that a haircut for women with short hair costs 12.50 euros more than for men and things like laptops and phone cases (“especially designed for women”) generally cost more.

We are brutally exploited and disadvantaged by the market and companies! #Price discrimination! 

We already tend to earn less #genderpaygap (a whole other topic) and at the same time we also pay more?! No way!

We should not put up with this anymore! Let’s start with something easy and just trick the marketing mechanisms; buy a blue razor instead of a pink one next time! Because come on, the color really doesn’t matter!

Here is the Link for the German Version 💕

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