You’ve probably heard of it, haven’t you?

Let’s start with the term itself; „Catcalling“ is the act of sexually loaded statements made by men towards women. This also includes whistling , grabbing, honking the car, vulgar gestures, etc.

Women experience this type of sexual harassment every day, be it on the way to work or school. They experience it while with friends, their mothers or even with a male companion. Unfortunately, many women are already sexualized at a young age through „catcalling“ and if they perceive this as sexual harassment, they are labeled as overly sensitive or uptight. Because, according to some male opinions, women should be happy to receive a compliment, right? But what’s the difference between flirting and catcalling? Does it mean that men cannot speak to women on the street ever? NO! But there are simply limits that should not be exceeded. Flirting is part of polite and nice conversations that make somebody feel special and appreciated while catcalling describes inappropriate comments from men to women. And yes, even if they are meant to be nice, feel uncomfortable and disrespectful.

For this reason „Catcalling“ is a criminal offense in many European countries and can be fined with up to 750 euros against the offender.

What do you think? Should “catcalling” be a criminal offense? Or do you think that would be exaggerated?

We are open to every thought! Leave yours in the comments!

Here is the Link for the German Version 💕
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